Virtual Clinic

The Internet changed our world, and now it is transforming natural health care and bio-energetic scans.  The development of the  ‘Virtual Clinic’ hand cradle allows access to computerized scans with the click of the mouse.

Zyto Handset

Using the Virtual Clinic  hand cradle and an internet connection you don’t have to leave your home to be tested.  Imagine having a sick child and not having to drag them out into the cold to see what might help them get better.  Also, you can save time and money in eliminating travel.  No long waits at the office.  Save on your gas bill!  Priceless!

We are located in Bolivar, Missouri yet we can electronically scan a person almost anywhere in the world.

Best of all is the low price!

Purchase a USB Zyto hand cradle for $275+ Shipping.  The hand cradle can be used for years to come.  You can invite family and friends to share in the cost as well.

The initial cost of a scan is $70 and takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Call us at (417) 326-7845 to order and schedule your first appointment.

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