One of the most asked questions I get is; How many supplements must I take and for how long?
What a great question, I never get tired of answering. Why? That question tells me that the person knows that supplementation is necessary and not always do we take a supplement for life.
Now, let me go into that a little deeper. What supplements would we start with? I have a top five that I work with in the beginning.
Vitamins &  Minerals – Years ago, this would not have been the case. In today’s world of processed foods and “fast food” we do not get a good amount of vitamins & minerals that are recognized by the body as useful.
Fats – With all the worry about an obese country, we listen to advertisement that tell us to eat “no fat” & “low fat” and yolk-less eggs and chicken. We need the good fats that are found in animal fat like butter, cream (yum!) and eggs. And, you can supplement these oils.
Pro-biotic – Our ancestors ate fermented food which kept the beneficial bacteria in our guts at a good amount. With all the dead food we eat today, we must supplement.
Anti-oxidant – Free radicals damage cells. It’s like rusting from the inside out. The pollutants in our air, food and water dramatically increase the number of free radicals we produce. In addition to the enormous stress, cigarette smoke, cell phones, radiation and prescribed drugs, even exercise contributes to the production of free radicals.\
Immune Support – This almost can go without an explanation. The fad just recently was to use anti-bacterial everything. If our bodies have no opportunity to protect, it then grows weak at protecting. We have created a “sterile” environment. The healthiest people are those who are exposed to a lot and become “immune” to it.

Second part of the question – How long. My answer : UNTIL!
Until you change the quality of the food you eat. Until you stop exposing your self to chemicals that are in our food, water and the products we use. In the process of moving towards a healthier diet & lifestyle , the amount of supplements can lessen.

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