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The results were amazing!  Clients came for the live blood analysis and were shocked with the results.  The analysis revealed many things about their diet and nutrition.  Several even saw parasites on the screen.   

Mary Jo Hixon, is a certified Microscopist from Buffalo, Missouri.  She will be providing live blood cell analysis using Dark Field Microscopy Testing at Designed 4 Healing on Friday, August 23rd (and possibly once a month after that).   This type of testing was my first introduction into alternative health almost twenty years ago and I was totally amazed by the information available in one drop of blood.  If you’d like to make an appointment, please call our office at 417-326-7845.  The cost is only $50 . Analysis takes approx. one hour

  • One drop of blood examined under a high powered microscope
  • Displayed on a monitor for you to see.
  • You take home a DVD for your private viewing

See for yourself if you have one of these conditions: poor digestion, parasites, various forms of bacteria, vitamin deficiencies, free radical damage, liver, lung and colon toxicity and more.

A dark field microscope is a microscope designed to permit diversion of light rays and illumination, from the side, so that details appear light against a dark background; as opposed to light passing straight through the specimen. If bright lights from the microscope pass directly through the specimen, the heat from the light source will kill the red blood cells (RBC)s faster. Also, by diverting the light rays, a greater amount of depth and details can be viewed. (Almost like a three-dimension view).

Dark Field Microscopy thus allows a health professional to evaluate the shapes and other properties of individual blood cells, indicating nutritional conditions which can be adversely affecting a person’s health. The advantage of this analysis over standard blood tests, which detect chemical changes in the blood, is the ability of dark field microscopy to detect nutritional disorders sooner, when the problem is in its infancy stages. By monitoring the blood’s condition, a health professional can assist in “balancing” the blood by giving dietary and lifestyle recommendations which can enhance health.

Call with any questions.  (417) 326-7845

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