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I have looked for a long time to find a holistic dentist near the Bolivar area.  The closest one has been in St. Louis.  Finally, I found one in Clinton, Missouri (approx. 1 hour north).  I’ve made an appointment for my daughter on Wednesday of this week and I’ll let you know what I think, but it has to be better then anything we’ve experienced so far.  He practices mercury-free and fluoride-free. 

Here is his website:

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We need your help to stop fluoridation of Bolivar’s water.   If you think fluroide is good for you, please check it out.  There are some good books on the subject and much information on the internet to find out the real story. 

According to the Safe Water Act of 1974, municipalites are required to provide “safe” drinking water.    Fluroide DOES NOT assist in the safety of the drinking water.   Despite being prescribed by doctors for over 50 years, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never approved any fluoride product designed for ingestion as safe or effective.  Even the ADA has recommended that infants should not ingest fluoride.

What can you do to help?

1. Go to the Bolivar Herald online article and make your comments.  This would be a good thing to print out for the Aldermen.  They want to know what people are thinking.

2.  Plan to attend the Public Hearing on May 4th at 6:30 p.m. at Bolivar City Hall across from the post office.

3. Inform your friends and neighbors.  We have got to get the word out as we are allowing infants and pregnant women of Bolivar to drink this toxic water.

4. Plan to attend a citizens action meeting on Thursday, April 15th at Designed 4 Healing, 434 S. Springfield Avenue (next to Sonic).   Call Rebecca Still at 417-777-1800 if you need further information.  We need your help.

5. Put this post or your own on Facebook…Twitter…etc.  However you can get the word out.

Websites to Check out:

Books to Read:
The Fluoride Decption by Christopher Bryson
Health & Nutrition Secrets by Russell Blaylock, M.D.
Fluoride the Aging Factor: How to Recognize & Avoid the Devastating Effect of Fluoride by John Yiamouyiannis
Fluoride, Drinking Ourselves to Death  by Barry Groves


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