Many of you have been asking about hCG. Due to the volume of requests, we have conducted research over the past weeks. We cannot endorse the 500 calorie protocol of the popular diet. Vital nutrients must be taken in daily to maintain good brain and body function. It is not possible to get proper nutrition with only 500 calories per day.
The claim that your body will be getting what it needs from fat stores is not supported by research. We are aware that there are many success stories about the hCG diet but the jury is still out, much of the anecdotal evidence shows a cycle of weight loss and regain in people who have used this method over a period of years.
We are pleased to be able to offer a homeopathic option by Deseret Biologicals along with a sensible protocol for good nutrition as the weight is being lost. The HCG Complex developed by Deseret is a combination of homeopathic hCG, appetite suppresants, and nutrients. The cost is 50-60% less than the popular diet and we feel it is much safer.
Call the office 417-326-7845 or come by to learn more.
Also, check out the KSPR news story on HCG.
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