This past week I had a gentleman come into the store looking for Vitamin B3.  We got to talking and I learned both of his parents have been diagnosed with Alzheimers.  He has been in Bolivar since September taking care of them and researching  how he can help them.  It was so interesting and I asked him if he would come and speak to our class on June 6th.  He agreed.  You will not want to miss this and if you know of anyone taking care of an Alzheimer’s client, please let them know.  Here’s an excerpt from his email to me.
“ALZHEIMER’S….why me?, is the first question that everybody asks, when it becomes apparent that a loved one is “not just quite right” anymore.  After reading the basic descriptions/evaluations on the website, the hardest decision for anyone is to administer that first evaluation, BEFORE scheduling a Dr.’s appointment.  I watched as they both starred hopelessly back at me when I asked them to take pen and paper and show me 10 past 11, or to add a quarter, nickle, dime, and penny.  Somehow I choked backed tears, relaxed my throat muscles (reverting to my breathing techniques I learned while flying for the Navy and the Air Force to survive high G-forces), and felt my stomach bottom-out somewhere above my knees, before I bravely responded, “Things are going to be OK.”

Nine months have passed since that first, of many, little “white lies”.  Who knows how long they will live?  But, my plan is to be with them providing 24/7 home care for as long as their needs don’t exceed my capabilities.  Then, I’ll have to make other hard choices.  HARD CHOICES.  That’s what everyone must be prepared to do.  And to ask questions, lots of them….just as you did in the life altering decision that led ultimately, to saving your daughter’s life. 

I’m not the first, nor will I be the last to watch this dastardly disease devour a loved one.  But, I guess it is the “fighter pilot” mentality from when I was younger that drives me to exceed all obstacles.  And with a huge helping of dumb luck: just like when I met a lady at an Elder Law Care conference, who told me about Niacinamide B3. And as I went searching for a local supplier, here in Bolivar for the vitamin, I met your family.

I could do the usual resume listing of degrees and career experiences. But, just suffice it to say….even though common sense is a strong attribute, NOTHING prepares anyone for the onslaught of this disease.”


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