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February is the month for giving gifts from the Heart! It is also Kim’s Birthday Month! So we have decided to give a big discount on our Zyto Bio-energetic Scans. Spread the word because we are offering our first time scans at the re-scan price.

The Zyto Elite Scan that we offer gives the body an opportunity to have a say by responding to Virtual Stimuli using our signature Zyto Hand Cradle.The Elite system allows us to look at thousands of balancing products, many of which we keep in stock, as well as supplements that our clients are currently using including the very powerful and popular Essential Oils.

The Zyto Elite Health Scan is the most effective tool we have to help our clients on their path to wellness and that is why we feel it is the greatest gift we could give.

So if you are a newcomer to this awesome micro-muscle testing wonder, call for your appointment in February and you can have a Full Initial Scan for only $45! (Normally $70).

We haven’t forgotten about our hundreds of Loyal Zyto Clients so to show our appreciation to you we are offering re-scans at a $10 discount this month. That means your Re-scan is only $35 for the month of February!

So that’s our Valentine to you! Call 417-326-7845 to reserve your time on the calendar.

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