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AcuStep Foot Center will be here to present our FREE seminar on March 11th at 7:00.   If you’re diabetic, an athlete or just have chronic feet pain you will want to be here.   The class is FREE and NO REGISTRATION is required. 

AcuStep technology uses one-of-a-kind computer technology to assess stress points on your feet while your walking.   AcuStep technology is the foot comfort and performance solution for:  Athletes, Diabetes and Individuals with all degrees of foot pain.

Check out their website and Facebook for testimonials.

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MOMS….If you have young children who are experiencing learning and/or behavioral issues, you won’t want to miss the class this Thursday. 

The Feingold Diet is based on the premise that allergic reactions or sensitivities to certain types of foods cause or contribute to ADD/ADHD symptoms, such as problems with:

  • Behavior (marked hyperactivity, impulsive and compulsive actions, emotional concerns)
  • Learning (short attention span, neuro-muscular difficulties, cognitive and perceptual disturbances)
  • Health (physical complaints and/or sleep problems)


Gayla Prewitt is an experienced mom of four who has used the Feingold Diet as a stepping stone for her children to overcome allergies to foods and additives.  

Class time is 7:00 P.M. at our store on 434 S. Springfield Avenue.

The class is FREE and there is NO REGISTRATION.required.  Just show up and bring a friend. 

Our goal is to educate the community on health issues.  If you have ideas for classes you’d like to see in the future, please let us know.

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