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Evox Perception Reframing

Let me introduce you to one of the most powerful tools we have here at Designed 4 Healing.  That tool is called EVOX.  We have been offering Evox Therapy for two years and the positive impact it has had on our clients lives has been nothing short of impressive. The EVOX is designed to facilitate perception reframing.  Perception reframing [...]

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    • Becky: I was privileged to be a “live liver donor” to my niece who was seven months old.  About a year later, my sister called me.  She said, “Did you know that you’ve been exposed to the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)?”  It seems that it came up in the  testing of my niece&rsq...
    • Gayla: Every time I look at my children, I am reminded of all the people that God has put in my path to help make them healthier. I believe Rebecca Still at Designed 4 Healing is definitely one of those people. My children have struggled with heavy metal toxicity and candida, among other issues. The balancing techniques ...
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